Charlotte Roustang is a casting director who comes from directing. Therefore she runs castings using her skill in directing actors. She has worked in the audio-visual industry since 2001. Born in 1977, she grew up in Paris. She attended a variety of acting classes from the age of seven, then went on to study cinema at the University Paris VIII and attended several master classes in script development (e.g.: Robert McKee, John Truby). Before the opening of The European Casting Studio, she worked as a casting director for independent films (e.g.: DETROIT from Ludwig & Glaser, 2003) and some commercials (e.g.: PEUGEOT). She also worked as an Extras manager (e.g.: RUSH HOUR 3 or the Arte French TV film MONSIEUR MAX), was a language coach to actors on set (e.g.: NIVEA) or coached children for specific scenes and to prepare them for castings and roles. She was also the casting cocoordinator for NINA RICCI fashion shows. Besides casting, she's been working as an author and a director since 2003, and in the past has worked as an assistant director. She has gathered experience in France, Germany, UK, USA and Benin.

The Studio brings together collaborators …

WHO combine skills in drama, directing, filming, editing, and experience in writing, directing, acting and production, therefore a comprehensive understanding of how an actor can fill the needs of the camera, the story and audience
WHO have worked in casting for movies, TV films and commercials
WHO have strong networks in the French and German cinema industry
WHO work seriously but do not take themselves too seriously

The studio collaborates with a network of partners:

Other casting directors based ALL OVER THE WORLD who know the actors of their own country. Those partnerships allow us to offer high quality international casts with optimized costs and timing of the casting process.

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