You can send us an email with:

  • Your CV in PDF: please note the roles you played when you are an actor, otherwise we conclude it was a work as an extra
  • 2 portraits (natural and recent): please don't lie about your age or your physical appearance, it's not only a loss of time for everybody when you do appear in a casting but also you run the risk of missing a real opportunity where your age and physique exactly match what we are seeking for, possibly for another casting (as we often have several castings at the same time and we do not always communicate all castings). For actors, we expect professional portraits done by portrait photographers, specializing in actors portraits. This eliminates the risk of us being under the impression that you are not a professional. For extras, vacation pictures are enough.
  • 1 full-body photo
  • A link to your show reel or to some of your videos

In your email, please explain to us what your aim of contacting us is: what you want to gain / what doesn't interest you. The more precise you are, the better the chance that we contact you for the right opportunities.

In the subject of the email, mention your profession (actor / model / artist / extra) + your gender (female / male) + your age + your nationality / your languages spoken (starting with your mother tongue).

Email address for French applications:
Email address for non-French applications:

Please note that the above two addresses are our casting databases: we consult them only during the castings. So if you want to invite us to premieres or other events, please send us an email to:

Please be kind not to call us ! if the thousands of actors we know call, we can't work anymore. And beside that, a phone call brings you and us nothing. We want to see how you act and what you look like. And it's not because an actor calls that he has better chances for a casting, it's often even the contrary. So, so send us an email with your material. We will check your showreel and enter your profile in our private database.

If you want to be informed of our castings, please join our Facebook page

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