We provide personal consulting and coaching. Our ethic requires us to only offer this service to professional and talented actors and not to persons that we can clearly see that we won't be able to help. We reserve the right to refuse someone based on these criteria or if we have too much work in casting (quality must always be our highest priority).


What to do in order to develop a career and get jobs: analysis of material (photo, CV, show reel, website) and of the different competencies/artistic talents of the actor and advice regarding areas to develop and improve.


  • To prepare for a casting or a role
  • To train the accent (German and French)
  • To support the actors on the set
  • To train special emotions or aspects of acting that the actor wants to develop
  • To simply stay fit

Charlotte Roustang carries out the training for French scenes. The cinema director Carsten Ludwig carries out the training for German scenes.


  • 60.00€ for 1 hour
  • 110.00€ for 2 hours
  • 160.00€ for 3 hours
  • 210.00€ for 4 hours
  • 330.00€ for 1 day of 8 hours

Please note that 1-2 hours of preparation by the coach prior to the training for a casting, role, or special emotions is included in the fee.

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