To help directors and producers to find talent and upcoming names from all over Europe and abroad for their next film-(co)-production. Inspiring them with great casting opportunities and the right combination for their movie: a balance between the right support for the dramaturgy, budget and the right name to get additional funding if necessary. Providing the best support during the casting process and helping to build a bridge between the actors and director, producers, DOP and the TV writers.


  1. Establishing the strategy: we define the profiles and the casting strategy with the director and the producer.
  2. Pre-selection: we find the characters through actors, models, people, by checking the agencies, the acting schools, our personal network and by doing street casting.
  3. Casting: We organize and run the castings. We can cast in studio or on location with acting partners. The castings are filmed from different angles and can be edited to match the original scene (for TV partners etc.).
  4. On Set: If requested, we can provide actors support and coaching (technical shooting, children etc.)


Over the years, Charlotte developed her personal database with more than 7,000 French, German and International talent (actors, models, artists, extras). The database is connected with our own casting application, which has been developed to meet the specific needs of international co-productions. Besides talent, Charlotte has established a personal connection to several well-known European actors, agents, distributors, TV channels and international producers and has built a network of casting-directors as partners in several countries all over the world.

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